Fishy Box

Here’s a recent keepsake box I did for a client with a fish paper exterior and a vintage map of Italy on the inside. Feet and a button closure add the finishing touch. Weee!


6 Responses to “Fishy Box”

  1. Lisa Holtzman Says:

    Totally cool!

  2. minus five Says:

    i don't know how you do it. seriously. i think there are three of you posing as one of you.

  3. Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser Says:

    I have one husband who gives me lots of time to act as three people. Wonderful guy!

  4. Doug Elser Says:

    Sarah – It's true. I am pretty freakin amazing.

  5. minus five Says:

    whatever, doug. clearly you're a jerk. i mean, who runs marathons to raise money for cancer?

  6. Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser Says:

    And this is exactly why we love you so much Sarah. best. sense. of. humor. ever.

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