Redefining Beauty

“Beauty is the spontaneous expression of a harmonious mind body and spirit.”

Went to the Aveda Institute yesterday for an awesome $15.00 haircut and to refill on some of my cosmetics (Aveda is my absolute favorite cosmetic brand.) I came home and colored my hair (cause I can do it faster and cheaper than anyone with any on sale brand of red at CVS) and opened my new bottle of Spa Ritual nail color. It’s vegan! And it’s yummy. About $10.00 per bottle and the color palette is fabulous. Colors I haven’t seen anywhere else.
Not sure if every Aveda sells this item on their floor, but it’s worth a trip to the Institute just to sample the product.
When you visit the site, they give you the most deep descriptions of your color choice. First you choose by “harmony” and each category has it’s palette. The color I chose was The Giving Tree: a deep, rich, and creamy eggplant color. I have a pair of hands fit for the gods now. 🙂
All is good in my world now. I am moving through grief and cooked Nonie’s Popovers Friday morning with Anton. He nibbled on one. We’ll continue the weekend tradition. I’ll post the recipe soon. Just making sure I get to bed as early as I can. That’s why you’ve not seen me post daily. I’ll come back, though. I’m still here. In more ways than one.
Meantime, get yourself a fall color to dip into your fingers! So happy to be a girl!

2 Responses to “Redefining Beauty”

  1. minus five Says:

    i've gotten my hair cut at an Aveda school since arriving in New York. they recently increased the price to $18–i don't think you can even go to Supercuts for that little anymore.

  2. Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser Says:

    FYI – I returned the nail polish today. Peels off in ONE DAY. Not worth the vegan tag or price. Well packaged and presented but a real let down in terms of product. Sorry to have misled anyone.

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