Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet is a new product I’m developing. Custom made stationary sets of 20 cards packaged in a telescoping box. These happen to be a set of offensive statements for that special someone.


7 Responses to “Bitter Sweet”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What? No comments yet??? Anne- did you make one that says, "WTF is wrong with you people?" heh…love the cards-Mike

  2. Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser Says:

    Mike – are you on Facebook? I uploaded them there and got a LOT of comments, all of them supportive, except for two, which I promptly deleted. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Good, I think it is brillant…will look you up on FBm

  4. maryk Says:

    "Why Don't"Susie S. is going to love love these, especially that one.

  5. Mary Campbell Says:

    these are brilliant, anne…simply brilliant. LOVE them.

  6. Susie Says:

    I got the cards this past week, and I am gob smacked speechless – the beauty, the swirling elegant calligraphy, the sheer effrontery of these in your face cards…. oustanding. I can't wait to send my old mom the Fuck You Honey card. She'll understand … won't she?… Mom? Mom?Thank you Leslie for your thoughtful gift. Thank you Anne, for infusing them with that special joy! And the box itself is simply gorgeous – I love it!WHY DON'T? is what I say.PS – Need one that says "you owe me money, bitch."Love, Susie S.

  7. Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser Says:

    THANKS everyone and SOOOO happy you're enjoying them Susie. Nice to meet you!I love the idea of adding to them and YES, "You owe me money, bitch" is a good one for sure!I'd also like to embroider these messages on handkerchiefs. Last night I thought stitching up "You're really not that special" on a pretty flowered hankie would be hysterical!I know. I am evil.

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